Los hijos de Sorolla

The children of the painter Sorolla
by Pablo Lecroisey.

This photograph was taken at the Lardhy restaurant in Madrid. Gastronomic institution founded in 1839, the same year that the discovery of photography was made public. It is one of the most emblematic places in the city, having been an icon of modernity. Most of the most representative and influential characters of Spanish society have passed through its halls (kings, politicians, poets, playwrights, intellectuals, artists, dancers and a long etc.), secrets and anecdotes that they have given are hidden within its walls. it forms the current socio-political map.

The name of the work is a tribute to the painter Alfredo Palmero de Gregorio, better known as Maestro Palmero. One of his paintings, which is part of Lardhy’s collection, inspired me in the choice of framing this photograph. The painting was dedicated to the children of the painter Joaquín Sorolla, this being his student.

It is a portrait of two girls with Down Syndrome and the journalist and TV presenter Celia Montalbán.

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