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Festival Internacional Foto México 2017


  • 21 octubre, 2017
  • 31 diciembre, 2018
  • 00:00
  • 12:00


  • Galería Malafama, Michoacán 78 Colonia Condesa, City of Mexico,
  • Mexico


  • FREE

In search of new worlds, photography is the means by which Pablo Lecroisey finds liberty. His creative process allows him to generate in common places scenes where play, diversion, and love prevail. Lecroisey’s work transcends the captured moment. This artist from Madrid constructs aesthetic experiences that reaffirm the importance of the correlation between artist and receptor, between creator and spectator. These are staged scenes that generate realities where beauty, liberty, and respect are introduced by means of an active energy surrounding the creation itself. The worlds imagined by the artist are testimony to his love to the world we inhabit. An intent to change the way in which we relate to one another, a contribution to a society that has lost sight of the importance of how we treat each other, rather than how we look. Without suggesting so much, the artist is able to make the individuals in his photographs change, mutate and reconnect through the act of seeing the other.

| Lucia Garro