OSTRACA, el impulso de la creatividad

Ostraca, the boosting of creativity

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Exhibition in CEART (Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente)


  • 3 septiembre, 2015
  • 24 septiembre, 2015
  • 18:00
  • 20:00


  • Centro de Arte Tomas y Valiente, Calle Leganés, 51, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, 28945
  • Spain
  • +34 91 4921120


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Ostraca, the boosting of creativity

Ostraca of «ostrakon» (gr .; originally means «oyster shell»; later used to refer «fragment of pot ‘) : Fragments of broken pottery vessels that was used for various purposes, including writing with ink notes with different characters.

The ancient ostraca serve to give voice to Egyptian who used them to express  openly when the cost of papyrus not allow this support for notes other than official ones, neither satirical drawings, let alone to be used for learning hieroglyphic writing. Found in these fragments images that impress with their freshness and content, far  from the hieratic court with all the limitations imposed by the dominant ideology. Creativity, for centuries, inevitably escapes from all conviction, any doctrine, the tighter systems.

For Pablo Lecroisey, the creativity in its broadest sense, moves between the personal expression and chance, away from the academicism of the rules imposed. Since the 40s the theory has become indispensable to face the artistic fact, separating the viewer and the art critic of the most primitive instinct of the creative impulse, the expressive freedom without kinks or hypothesis. It seems that we are no longer able to judge a work of art in itself and sometimes we endeavor to explain it with artificial philosophies, castles in the air compare with their fantasy with the medieval Scholastic refinement and fuzzy concepts as prolix as when the solution is much simpler in the case of Lecroisey; the images flow spontaneously through emotion and intuitive gesture, supported by a fertile imagination, always seeking the complicity of the viewer.

The constant evolution of life makes us ask what we should value as really important. The real will that gives happiness is found in the enjoyment of the moment, the moment, because life is just a great opportunity. Only through what we feel in every moment we can immediately get to know our true selves. From this idea the work of Lecroisey, manages to capture a series of sensations arising from the intensity of each second lived, coming to transmit life experiences that are sometimes incredibly deep, and his photographs have a great emotional burden and achieve to institute a dialogue with the viewer in which it engages in a artistic moment of freedom. Lecroisey´s  photographs are images designed under the creative impulse of visual poetry that is also expressed in the composition and use of light.

Art removes away the artists from reality so they can then deal with it, the creative freedom of Lecroisey, as we can see in the exhibition Ostraca is his vehicle of expression; the dogged determination and endurance that will propel him forward,

guided only by his aesthetic instinct that determines his personal structures, the light of his predecessors Masters becomes a critical strategy that involves an attitude of revision,  the re-reading of the given. Ultimately, it is the release of wit in the roar of his images.

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