Los Fridos

A portrait of Mexico
Mexican Muralists Rina Lazo and Arturo García Bustos
by Pablo Lecroisey.

Portrait of the mexican muralists Rina Lazo and Arturo García Bustos (Los Fridos) in his house and studio the Casa Rosada of Coyoacán CDMX (Mexico).




This photograph documents the love that united these two legends of Mexican art. Rina Lazo and Arturo García Bustos.

Her love story began when she was very young, she worked as an assistant to the painter Diego Rivera and Arturo attended the painting classes taught by Frida Kahlo.

At the time I took this snapshot, he was 94 years old and she was 92. At present, his artistic work can be enjoyed in such representative spaces as the National Museum of Archeology in Mexico City.

As a curiosity to say that the dress that Rina is wearing was a gift that Frida Kahlo herself gave her before she died, she wanted to honor her by posing with it. His house and studio is known as the Casa Rosada de Coyoacán, a palace from the Renaissance period that some historians place as the first barracks of Hernán Cortés. 


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